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Pete Yorn’s “Paradise Cove”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Pete Yorn
Song: “Paradise Cove”
Album: Back and Forth

Coming from his fourth studio album, Back and Fourth, today’s Song of the Day is “Paradise Cove” by Pete Yorn. This song highlights Yorn’s unique gravelly vocal styling while providing a full-bodied sound featuring multiple acoustic guitars, bass, percussion, and prominent piano. The melody is so catchy a listener my not give the lyrics much consideration at first; however, on a second or third listen one gathers that the song perhaps contains a meaning a bit more melancholy than its tempo indicates. Perfect for any traveling “mix tape” or even a lazy day at home, this song will have you tapping your feet, and also possibly contemplating the highs and lows that come with relationships. Either way, Yorn delivers quality music; don’t be surprised if you put this track on repeat.

Written By: Linda Turk