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Perfect Pussy Say Yes To Love Review

Perfect Pussy’s ‘Say Yes To Love’ – Album Review

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Buzz is buzz. When an artist gets the right things going for them, they can skyrocket above the rest in ways that are almost unimaginable in the new paradigm of music popularity. One of the latest products of the regurgitating, noisy buzz mill is Perfect Pussy, a band that doesn’t adhere… to anything. Shockingly noisy and nearly incomprehensible, this punk band Perfect Pussyjumps into full gear, speeding through their debut album in twenty-three minutes. Imagine, for a moment, that you’re a listener and you’re looking for a new album. This is a brief onslaught of static and maybe some composition, if you’re lucky. Welcome to Perfect Pussy’s world.

Their debut album, Say Yes To Love, is an album that comes freshly after their 2013 demo that was thrown around the blogosphere. The demo is four tracks long, each named I, II, III, and IV. Titled I have lost all desire for feeling, the demo tape is more of the same on this album. Abrasively, bone-crushing intensity smashed together with screaming, yelping, and absolute insanity. That’s the formula. It is all kinds of unlistenable, mostly. The vocals are mostly lost in the mix of pulverizing guitars and smashing drums. Sometimes, there’s a breather with a stray ambient note that allows you a moment to stop and gather your brains that have been blown all over the wall.

Perfect Pussy’s “Interference Fits”

What’s staggering about this band and their music is that… well, it’s actually all great. If you’re a punk fan, you’ll love this. If you’re an avant-garde fan, there’s still good chances you’ll love this. If you’re a country fan, best of luck. This certainly isn’t for everyone or mostly everyone, but it is aimed directly at those who appreciate the statements and textures presented. It’s very easy to be captivated or turned off in the same moment by five seconds of one track. It’s also very easy to zone out and lose all conscious thought because all of your thought processes are shut off, thanks to the blaring sheets of volume. It’s a fleeting album that doesn’t last long, because if it were an hour long, you’d be wishing for it all to end – certainly not because it’s bad, but because you need to hear for the rest of your life.

Perfect Pussy Say Yes To Love Review Perfect Pussy do bring a lot to the table, strangely enough. Opener “Driver” undulates, softening the pillow for the rest of the album, pulsating and gyrating the existence of what was the song’s core until it is complete rubble. Vocalist Meredith Graves shouts line after line of mostly impossible-to-decipher words, which is a standard of the album for 90% of Say Yes To Love. Before you even could swallow the song’s structure, it’s over and done, moving on to the next scratchy manifesto. Sonic Youth-channeling “Interference Fits” is this album’s (and band’s) most monolithic and best track, swirling from start to finish with chaotic, abrupt moments of vocal power, with Graves rifling the most insatiable quote, which will be shouted to the high heavens for years, “When did we all decide to give up? / Since when did we say yes to love?”

It’s the alarmingly, deviously serious moment that crowns the album as something heavy. Throughout the album, if you can understand, there are stories after stories of intensely personal stuff shrouded in the cacophony. But “Interference Fits” clears the mud for some moments and it hits like a ten-ton truck. And if it kills us, to die by that song’s side is such a heavenly way to die. It is soul-crushing and as emotional as a car wreck. It is immense. It is intentional. And it is perfect.

Written by Dylan Tracy

OurVinyl | Contributor