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There may only be three members of Pearl and the Beard, but they refuse to let that limit their artist reach. Guitar, cello, drums, glockenspiel, accordion, melodica, vocals. These are just a taste of the sounds you might hear on any Pearl and the Beard track.

Jocelyn Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price, and Jeremy Styles all came to New York City seperately with little else other than the clothes on their back. Through a few strokes of luck, the three were introduced, soon realizing their tastes complimented each other’s talents well. It wasn’t long before the three started stringing together a number of songs under their odd moniker.

Refusing to categorize themselves, Pearl and the Beard focus on writing bright, cheerful, meolodic songs, rather than attempting to pigeonhole themselves into genres. Their tendency for the eccentric brought positive reviews and a slew of fans as the trio launched a series of national tours in the United States, along with their first trip to a number of stops in the UK back in 2011.

Along the way, Pearl and the Beard has caught the eye of a number of big name publications, including Filter Magazine, The Boston Globe, and the Wall Street Journal. NPR’s All Songs Considered debuted the trio’s music video for “The Lament of Coronado Brown.”

Pearl and the Beard, staying true to spirit, hardly limits their live shows to conventional venues. While they have nothing against a good stage show, the band plays in subways, public parks, house parties — anywhere and everywhere they’re invited. Fans love the group for their singalong, crowd-infused shows, where participation is welcomed and encouraged.

Don’t miss Pearl and the Beard this November and December, as the trio tours the east coast. For a full list of tour dates, check out the group’s official website, right here.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor