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Paul Simon’s “Love Is Eternal Sacred Light”

Song Of The Day

Song: Love Is Eternal Sacred Light
Artist: Paul Simon
Album: So Beautiful Or So What

Today’s song is in honor of a incredibly unique and noteworthy concert that’s happening tonight; Paul Simon playing at the 1300-person capacity Vic Theater in Chicago. The song is “Love Is Eternal Sacred Light” is off of Paul’s latest release ‘So Beautiful Or So What’, which dropped just the other week. The song shows some of what this 70 year old artist has to offer. It’s has a clear modern sound, with the swirling electronic sound that begins the song and sets the time, but is balanced by Paul’s spry voice and timeless poetic style. The result is a sleekly beautiful song with the capacity to appeal to most anyone. How does this guy continually, decade after decade, create music that is so contemporary yet unique, so progressive and yet so timeless? It’s truly remarkable. Enjoy this song, and look into his new album also because you won’t be disappointed.