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Paul McCartney’s “Dress Me Up Like a Robber”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is from Paul McCartney and if from the often forgotten early 80’s part of his career. It is “Dress Me Up Like A Robber” and is off of Tug Of War, which was released in 1982. It might be known more so as “that song before the quasi-awkward (and now always dated) ‘Ebony and Ivory’ duet with Stevie Wonder”. In this version you hear the “Be What You See” opening, which is fitting.

What is so interesting about this song is the electro-jam-rock undertones one can hear so distinctly, and which would propel many bands to fame – 20 years later. Of course the song also contains some classic McCartney – like him coming in and singing in his non-effected voice, which in retrospect might not have been needed. But nonetheless! This is a song that shows of things to come. And actually, a lot of the non-Wings McCartney collection from the 70’s and 80’s is misunderstood, and actually shows a lot of foresight now that we’ve actually moved into the future. The genre jumping & blurring that he experimented with, and was odd fare at the time, is now a celebrated part of many of rock band’s descriptions.

You may know the man, but probably not this song. Enjoy.