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Passion Pit Gossamer

Passion Pit’s ‘Gossamer’ – Album Review


After their explosive debut album, Passion Pit returns with Gossamer, with the title being the name of a fabric of flimsy material. That meaning ironically describes the bands take two shot at fame, with new material showing nothing of the bands potential with few risks taken, and a lack of inspiring game changing music. Whatever your opinions are of Passion Pit, don’t expect Gossamer to change your mind.

The album opens with the highly infectious ‘Take A Walk’, where the chorus’ lyrics don’t drive by the title, relying on simple pop structures. The perfect album introduction, but puts the rest of the album on high expectations. The follow up single takes a turn and reflects similarities to their previous ground-breaking hit, ‘Sleepyhead’: ‘I’ll Be Alright’ takes a gram of inspiration from their biggest hit, with high pitched squealing and low melodies in the verses. Nothing diverse from their famous album Manners, but shows their consistency and puts the second bad album curse to bed.

Passion Pit’s Take A Walk

Although having good consistency, one turn off is the opening of almost every track. The songs, such as ‘Hideaway’ and ‘Love is Greed’, open on a weak note, but then continue on to explode with strong structures and addictive beats in most tracks. This is the only risk-taking move notable on the album, as first impressions for a non-Passion Pit fan could quickly make them skip onto the next track, rather than inviting them in for more.

TracPassion Pit Gossamerks that unfortunately stay true to the album’s title are ‘Two Veils To Hide My Face,’ ‘On My Way’ and ‘Carried Away.’ That being said, most album have those few uninspiring, or rather annoying tracks, but Passion Pit makes up for it with great going-to-be-smash-hits songs such as ‘It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy,’ ‘Mirrored Sea’ and ‘Take A Walk.’  The album has an even balance, but you can tell which songs will hit the radio stations and which will hit the floor.

The album collectively sells as a new take on R&B, with a clear emphasis on repetitive rhythms and deep bass melodies. Stand out tracks that mirror this sound are ‘Mirrored Sea’ and ‘Cry Like A Ghost.’  Although having the heavy influence of R&B, unfortunately, nothing new or ground-breaking from the band that were hot topic only three years ago. The lack of risks and few jumps the band took on this album could leave them on the same plateau they were, but better to be safe then sorry. If you like Passion Pit, or hate them, I can’t see that opinion changing.

Written by Sarah Keary

OurVinyl | Contributor