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Paolo Nutini’s “Candy”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song of the day is Paolo Nutini‘s “Candy”. Paolo has a voice in this song that is mesmerizing, as it wobbles, soars briefly, and grounds your mind – sometimes seemingly all at the same time. It’s a prime example of a singer-songwriter reinforcing the emotive agenda within their lyrics with their singing style, in a wonderfully effective manner. A task that is easier said than accomplished. It’s a song that moves along at a sauntering pace, with western undertones, an acoustic singer-songwriter mentality, and a quasi-indie final product. It’s not a song that isn’t simply placed within any specific genre, to it’s own great benefit.

It’s also a perfectly fun, but somewhat reserved, calming song. Perfect not only for a Sunday, but for a New Years day when most of us could use something laid back and contemplative.

Again, Happy New Years!