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Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini

Song Of The Day

Paolo NutiniToday’s song is Paolo Nutini’s “Ten Out Of Ten”, off of his album Sunny Side Up. This is a good song for today for numerous reasons. One, it’s just a darn good song and deserves to be a song of the day any day. Two, it has a wonderful laid back and relaxed manner, although not sluggish at all and certainly upbeat, that just seems to fit the feel of a happy Sunday. Three, the beat and feeling (not to mention the horns) is reminiscent of music one would hear in Nawlins’ (aka New Orleans), and as it is the Sunday of Mardi Gras this is entirely appropriate.

So whether you are down in Nawlins’ enjoying the wondrous silliness that is the parade of Bacchus (maybe the best parade of the entire Mardi Gras experience), in St.Louis enjoying the nation’s second largest celebration of the Gras, or just at home wishing you were in one of those cities – this song can only help you day.