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Panda Bear’s “Slow Motion”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Panda Bear
Song: Slow Motion
Album: Tomboy

Panda Bear had a lot to live up to after his 2007 debut solo release, Person Pitch. Already steamrolling his way through the music scene with his band Animal Collective, Panda Bear (real name: Noah Lennox) opted to take some time to himself and create one of the best albums of the year, which made countless “year in review” lists, and was generally considered brilliant. Three years later comes Tomboy, a huge turn in musical direction, focusing mainly on simplistic percussion and guitar, rather than loads and loads of looping samples, a la Person Pitch.

Check out “Slow Motion,” featured here with snippets from his September, 2011 show on Governor’s Island, In New York City. Wait around after the song for a bonus interview with Lennox, where he explains the inspiration for Tomboy.

Written By Dean Goranites