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Oxyxmoron 99 wont do it

OXYxMORON’s “99 Won’t Do It”

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Released November 12th, 2012, OXYxMORON’s album “The Woods” was the group’s biggest, last ditch effort. On the album’s liner notes, rapper Ment Nelson explains “This album is literally my last hope. I dropped out of school, so all my eggs are in one basket. My dad is unemployed and my mom has a home daycare. They struggle so much…so that’s where the raw emotion comes from.”

That album is now free, as the trio looks to spread their sound as far as it will reach.

Pedro English, Tony London, and Ment Nelson are from South Carolina, where the group’s tastes have been heavily influenced by soul and jazz. That taste is prevalent throughout “The Woods,” but it’s in “99 Won’t Do It,” featured below, that we hear some of the most pure soul beats on the album.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor