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About the Project:

As most of you already know, our site offers a feature known as OurVinyl.Tv. Here, we shoot exclusive performances with independent artists, and attempt to upload a new video on a weekly basis. We are fortunate enough to be located in Nashville, TN, and have access to some of the most interesting and entertaining musical acts in the world. Our goal is not only to bring you new songs to listen to, but also to give the artists we work with an unprecedented form of exposure, at no expense to them. We recognize that the artists who get the most exposure are not always the ones with the most talent. We aim to change that.

The Problem:

Creating video content is no easy feat. Equipment is more affordable now than it has ever been, but it is still an expense we can’t handle on our own. Until this point, we have been renting the majority of the equipment we use to capture our videos (i.e. microphones, stands, cameras, lenses). Since we do not accept money from the artists we film, the video shoots have been setting us back significantly. As a result, we are not sure how much longer we will be able to continue making videos without going bankrupt!

How you can Help:

If we were able to own all of the equipment we need, that would eliminate our rental expenses. If our rental expenses disappear, then we will be able to continue shooting these videos at little to no cost. We are asking for $6,000 to allocate towards new equipment. Each and every donation is greatly appreciated, and will help us finish our 2012 webseries. Every penny over this amount will just help us to deliver a higher quality product to our viewers.

Your payment is processed through Amazon (and is as easy as buying a CD, Book or DVD from Amazon.com). Your money is not taken until the project is funded in full. If the project is not funded, no money is taken.

If we reach our goal, we promise to deliver the best videos we are capable of making. And who knows, we might just have something else up our sleeves.

Make a donation today, and help keep the music alive!

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Written By:
Jordan Schneider | Co-founder