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OurVinyl Interviews Million Young


Last Saturday Mike Diaz who is known by many as Million Young played a free show in Cincinnati at the Motr Pub. It was a late show but nonetheless a great one. OurVinyl luckily had a chance to catch up with him before the show and discuss the tour and his new debut album that will come out early next year.

The opening band Sunglasses were pretty interesting but did face a lot of sound problems, the venue didn’t have the equipment to really handle there loud sound, and playing a place with a great PA like The Empty Bottle the night before they struggled to get things leveled but none the less put on a entertaining show, especially the last few songs they performed.

MillionYoung came on around one in the morning, and they started off their set with the first song from their second EP, Be So True, titled “Cynthia,” and they kept riding the chillwave the rest of the night. One of the superior moments of the show is when they played one, “Mien” off of Be So True, and transitioned straight from that into “Clint Eastwood” by the Gorrilaz. They also finished their set with “Breathe” a more electronic/ambient version of the Pink Floyd classic.  Million Young also performed much of there upcoming album, which we got to discuss with Eric and Mike before the show.

OurVinyl Interviews Million Young

OV: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, seeing you guys previously one noticed it was just the two of you, but not any more, tell me about your roster on this tour compared to previous ones.

MY: The roster for most parties is the full roster which includes me (Mike), Eric, another guitarist Steven, and drummer Will Croucher. We are trying to lock it in, it usually depends of the money, whether we can afford to fly everyone out because Will lives in Tennesee and the rest of us live in Florida.

OV: That’s the next thing I wanted to talk to y’all about is that you guys are from Florida, really a state you don’t hear from too much about, especially from the indie scene. Why isn’t there more music coming from Florida and why don’t most bands play there?

MY: It’s a pretty slow state, really no bands come down to Florida because geographically it’s kind of a trap,  so its pretty tough.  There was a decent music scene here a few years ago when there was the big pop punk craze, but thankfully that died down a bit, but it did start the end for a lot of venues when it did… When we first started we played with a lot of those kind of bands and you can imagine we stuck out quite a bit.

OV: So this is your second midwest tour then?

MY: This is our first tour where we got to go to the west coast, and the second time we’ve been to the midwest.

OV: How’s it been, how was LA and the west coast?

MY: It’s been a blast, the west coast was unreal because we didn’t know what to expect but there was easily 4 to 5 times more people at those shows than even come to our home town shows, California was just all around crazy and it was a good time.

OV: One thing I’m looking forward too next year for is your new record that’s coming out digitally on January 11th, and physically on February 16th. What will be the difference between your last two EP’s and the new one? Because those records sound totally different than each other…

MY: This one isn’t as different as both those albums, it’s definitly the same kind of feel. The EP’s and most of the album was written around the same time, I liked a lot of the songs I wrote that I was unable to put on the EP’s, so Eric and I put it together to make it work as a whole album. You know, when you have the EP format it’s more managable to put a couple songs together rather than a 45 min full length LP.

OV: So how many tracks are on this one, any old tunes being added onto the record?

MY: 13 songs are on this record and none of them have been released previously, but it’s stuff we’ve been playing for about 4 or 5 months now.

OV: I’ve seen recent videos of your CMJ performances with a drummer, how has his style of playing been for you guys?

MY: He’s been perfect, I would of loved to have a drummer from the very beginning but it’s hard to find a drummer who can play drums and be tactful and tasteful and who won’t over power the music. We are trying to transfer electronic music with something that’s natural, and tring to find that medium.

OV: People have trouble describing your guy’s music, what would you say your sound is?

MY: That’s a tough one, I mean it’s funny because when I try to describe other bands it’s a lot of XYZ, but I would say we have a new-wave new-order sound with the groundwork like Joy Division, we just try to sound out of this world.

OV: Knowing you guys haven’t been on the summer festival circuit yet, can we expect to see a change in that in 2011?

MY: We did forcastle a few months ago but didn’t really get on the circuit. I know were doing a bunch for SXSW. We have also talked to some people about doing Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza but it’s all tentative right now, over the last year we have been meeting the right people to make thing work.

OV: Well thank you guys for the interview, there is just one last question, what does vinyl mean to you?

MY: I love the format, between vinyl and tape it’s cool to see outdated formats serve a purpose especially with mediafire and mp3’s that are really driving music these days. I think it’s cool to have something you can hold onto and have a connection with compared to something that’s floating around in cyberspace. I have to say, however, that I can’t hate on the internet because it’s allowed so many people to listen to our music in that sense, but’s it’s good to have both options and were definitly gonna press our full length onto vinyl!

Go to http://millionyoung.com/ to get his first EP and another track for free and be sure to heck them out on tour… there full length comes out 1/11/11 digitally be sure to grab a copy of that and vinyl release for 2/16/10

By Spencer Byrnes