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Ourvinyl.com Update

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The past week proved to be more than eventful.  We were lucky to spend an evening with John Nolan of Straylight Run and Taking Back Sunday.  The talented Nolan is working on a Fan Collaboration that we look forward to discussing in detail on the blog in the next couple of weeks.  Walker also recently finalized our second artist interview with The Chandler Wright Story.  The article and interview will be posted sometime this week.  We apologize we have not been able to post recently due to all the  network changes but, can assure you we are still busy.

Thanks to Matt we made a smooth transition to a new server and will be moving to a new refreshing blog layout in August.  We recently finalized a new logo and we look forward to releasing it in August.  This weekend we will be in Washington DC interviewing Xavier Rudd and we look forward to bringing you live concert footage and another artist interview.  If your in the DC area join the Ourvinyl.com Fan page on Facebook.  We are hosting an event this Thursday 3oth and would love for you to join us to discuss our project plans.


Mike Reuther