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Our Lady Peace’s “Clumsy”

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With so much music out there, it’s easy for music from an earlier time in your life to get pushed to the corners of your mind, obscured. But rest assured, whenever you hear it again, it’s like it never left, with all the words escaping your lips like you heard it yesterday. Our Lady Peace is a band that has been overshadowed by newer music in the past decade, but for many of us their classics are just as potent as they ever were. Listen to one of their breakthrough (in the US) singles from the 90s, “Clumsy” and try not to sing along:

This song is a key example of how ballads changed in the 90s: where once there were schmaltzy ballads about love that were very safe and syrupy sweet, this was certainly not sweet and miles from safety. Lead singer Raine Maida tells the listener that maybe they just need a friend, but he also talks of waving his hand as he watches you drown. It’s incredibly dark, yet at the same time there’s something comforting about the song and its message. Finally mainstream music was unafraid to address difficult topics or murky subject matter and quite honestly, music as a whole has been all the better for it.

Written By Jarad Matula

OurVinyl | Senior Writer