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Our Exclusive Performances from Wakarusa

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Back in early June when Wakarusa went down, OurVinyl had the pleasure of not only attending this wonderful Arkansas event, but of being able to arrange for  exclusive performances with a few wonderful bands. We would like to extend a big thank you to Langhorne Slim, Rebelution, and Cornmeal for taking the time to meeting with us and performing wonderfully when they by-no-means had to.

We caught up with Langhorne Slim in the backstage area of the festival, directly after they finished their afternoon set, while everything was a rocking and a rolling behind them. Watch, and listen to, them beautifully perform their song “The Way We Move.”

Rebelution here performs their silky smooth number “Closer I get”; performed with sublime acoustic grace, honed glossy vocals, and effortlessly groovy hand-percussion.

We met up with the gloriously-fast-pickin’ group Cornmeal alongside their tour bus shortly after their Friday afternoon set, and they generously agreed to play a raucous and dexterous version of “Long Hard Road”, wow was this fun! (Take notice as to how the percussion was accomplished, now that’s some talent…)