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Open Discussion – 2011 Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame Nominees: Who Do You Want In?

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As most of you may or may not no, the 2011 Rock Hall Nominees were announced not too long ago. Some interesting names and expected names were included. For many artists, this can be the final nail in the coffin and ultimate closure to a career they devoted their lives to. In an industry that can tend to forget about people, some artists may feel slighted a bit and this a great sign of respect to be handed. Despite what some say, being placed in the ultimate rock n’ roll museum still means something. While most bands probably don’t start a band for the sole of purpose of making the hall of fame, it is always nice to hear people appreciate the work you put forth. For those who did not see it, the list includes:

Alice Cooper
Beastie Boys
Bon Jovi
Neil Diamond
Dr. John
J. Geils Band
LL Cool J
Darlene Love
Laura Nyro
Donna Summer
Joe Tex
Tom Waits
Chuck Willis

Definitely an interesting list to say the least. Again, some surprises and some that you are finally glad made it on the ballot. I know everyone has their own opinions on music; therefore, who do you think should or should not be voted in and why? Let discuss are thoughts on everything Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame! To start, I will give you one of the artists I think should already be in the hall:

Written by:
Michael Schmidt