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Only You’s ‘Let Me Burn’ – Song of the Day

Song Of The Day

We’ve had the chance to talk about Only You in the past, impatiently waiting for something more to come from Rachel Fannan’s too-good-to-pass-by LA project. Finally, a few months ago, a couple of tunes popped through Hit City U.S.A.: The Pressure and today’s track, Let Me Burn.

Haunting and heartbreaking, yet reminiscent of decades-long-gone love longing anthems, Let Me Burn feels like the soundtrack to a lonely night in the town. The band, that voice, those slow guitars strums and low paced beats, those other hurt like choruses in the back. Everything is a fulfilling promise of a great album to come from one of this writer’s yet unexploded musical projects.

Let’s hope for a quick burn into a gigantic fire of an LP or at least one more reason to believe in the comeback of female rock and roll into the lines of modern music.

Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

OurVinyl | Senior Writer