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Only You’s “Applying Myself”

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Typos can be both a huge pain in the ass or a marvelous thing. Even though they can take you to awful sources of information and wrong videos, they also can take you to places and music you never knew could be made.

So, when a search for The Strokes’ You Only Live Once video turned to be Only You’s Applying Myself, an amazing voice and a The Ventures’-ish guitar strum took this writer over. It was Rachel Fannan, a former member of Sleepy Sun, howling I can’t feel anything with her heart and longs out.

Fannan describes this project as an incubator for all of 2011, when she left Sleepy Sun and started hiding out in her then boyfriend’s studio Some Ember, getting high and demoing songs. All that turned into unemployment and a new life while moving to LA, where her new project emerged. A full length is in her plans, tentatively called …And Me.

The first video, Applying Myself, is as mesmerizing as it is simple. With Rachel showcasing classiness and sexiness in a tasteful manner through one of the shortest yet dancing inducer songs to date, this is one of the best unheard tracks from last year. No paraphernalia or extra skin is necessary when the music is great and the performer is classy. If a full album is half as good as this first attempt, we could witness one of the biggest revelations in female performance this 2013.

As of now, a record with two songs is out, containing Applying Myself and Love Is Making Me Tired.

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer


Only You’s “Applying Myself”