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One Day as a Lion’s “Wild International”

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Artist: One Day as a Lion
Song: “Wild International”
Album: One Day as a Lion

As the world waits on a new LP from the politically charged superpower Rage Against the Machine, we look back to a time when things seemed much bleaker: The band had been officially broken up for years, three out of four of the members were finishing up what would be a lack luster attempt at reliving the glory days in Audioslave, and Zach de La Rocha, front man of RATM, was M.I.A. as media outlets starved for any type of news as to his plans and/or projects. Then, almost out of the blue in 2008, came One Day as a Lion, a two piece group featuring De La Rocha and John Theodore, former drummer of the Mars Volta. Although Rage Against the Machine has since reformed, One Day as a Lion still remains a live project, with Theodore promising a new album in the works. Check out “Wild International,” one of two singles off of the debut LP.

Written by Dean Goranites