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Old Testament and The Shine Brothers

Old Testament and The Shine Brothers @ Nashville


It seems that every time there is a great psych show in Nashville, the air feels a little different. Maybe it’s the stoners and psychedelic devotees that come out of the woodwork, or the receptiveness and welcoming vibe of that crowd, one that always aims at making you feel like you’re at a “happening”. Sunday’s show at Foobar Too featured a solid lineup of heavyweights including Dead Meadow front-man, Jason Simon, and ex-Black Angel, Nate Ryan. Those two bands are very well respected within the psychedelic rock world, for good reason, and are reason enough to check out Old Testament and The Shine Brothers.

The Shine BrothersFirst to take the stage was Old Testament, Jason Simon’s solo project. Unlike Dead Meadow’s brand of riff driven psych rock that makes you want to proudly whip out your air guitar, Old Testament delivers a much more folksy and bluesy vibe. “We’re going to keep it chill tonight,” Simon says to the crowd. Throughout their set, Old Testament chose to take us on a journey that began with the blues, moved into country, before we were plunged into complete psychedelic drone – all with Simon’s signature croon. It was fantastic to see this other side of Jason Simon’s songwriting, who is such a legend among the psychedelic community because of his work with Dead Meadow. It was mellower, but also more full-bodied in a way. This was especially felt within the intimate setting of FooBar.

Next up were their tour mate’s, The Shine Brothers, which is a project comprised of Nate Ryan and his brother Colin. The set change was unusually quick between the two groups because both shared musicians. You just don’t see that often. The Shine brothers choose to begin their set like a bat out of hell. It seemed that almost everyone was caught a little off guard. Their whimsical acid infused punk rock got everyone in the room grooving like it was a 60s dance party. By the end of The Shine Brothers set, it appeared that everyone in the room became a new fan, and left the stage with us wanting more.

Old Testament

Despite a slightly dismal crowd, the band’s didn’t seem to care. It was one of those shows where you want more people there to support the band, but kind of glad you get to witness such an intimate performance. Regardless of numbers, there were still clearly happy to be playing for new faces, create some news fans, and just generally drinking up the Nashville vibe. Hopefully, with the continued growth of the city Nashville can become a solid hub for the psychedelic scene, which can be a very geographically influenced genre. It seems that more and more, these bands are coming through with consistency. Keep an eye out for more “happenings” in Music City.


Written by John Condit

OurVinyl | Contributor