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Of Montreal’s ‘Coquet Coquette’

Song Of The Day

Song: Coquet Coquette

Band: Of Montreal

LP: False Priest

Today’s song is “Coquet Coquette”, which vague translates into “to flirt with a woman who often flirts.” Wrap you head around that. Anyway it is one of the best songs from Of Montreal’s latest LP, ‘False Priest.’ It combines a jivy and walking bass lines, subdued toe-tapping percussion, with the questioningly catchy lyrics of – you guessed it – coquet coquette. But then one quickly finds themselves with yowling guitars and in the end their is a kinda movement into a kind of psychedelic disintegration of sorts. It’s Of Montreal, so its going to be a little different and catch you off guard, that comes with the territory. But it is thoroughly enjoyable. Oh and the music video is wild, but then again that’s par for the course with these guys.

Happy Friday Everyone.