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Back of the Rack: October 2013

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Welcome to the October edition of Back of the Rack, our monthly mixtape featuring the freshest new music on the scene. This month, we have ten tracks from some of our favorite up-and-comers, with a great variety of genres and styles. If you like what you read and hear, don’t forget to click the big button below.


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Let’s get to that great music.

georgia soundGeorgia Sound – “One Way Path”
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Genre: Folk, pop

Ryan Roy and Shannon Magee are the duo behind Georgia Sound, who are on the fast track to national success after releasing their first EP, “One Way Path,” in August of last year. Since then, Georgia Sound has been back in the studio, where they’ve recorded a new single for their soon to be released full length album. Check out the track “One Way Path” from the EP of the same name here, and experience Roy and Magee’s blend of folk and rock, with pop sensibilities.

little red lungLittle Red Lung – “50 Fingers”
Los Angeles, California
Genre: Indie, Rock

Little Red Lung all began in 2007, as singer/keyboarist Zoe-Ruth Erwin began a solo project where she hoped to shake up the scene with her “genre-defying music exhibition.” Three years later, Zoe brought three more creative minds on board, and the new line up went on to release their debut self-titled effort in 2012. The EP received a number of Los Angeles music awards, and the group embarked on a cross-country tour. When they returned home, “The Deli Magazine” awarded them the well-deserved Emerging Artist of the Year award. The group has a full-length album in the works now.

yougiYOGUI – “Guapa”
Guadalajara, Mexico
Genre: pop, electronica, funk

YOGUI comes straight from Guadalajara, so naturally this track is filled with plenty of Spanish flair. Incorporating the latest in electronic beats and funky grooves, “Guapa” is a relaxing chill ride down the river of YOGUI’s smooth, entrancing vocals. Featuring a catchy synth line and a slick breakdown by featured artist El Comanche, “Guapa” resides somewhere between engrossing dance beat and soothing late night unwinder. If you like what you hear, check out the artist’s SoundCloud collection.

American ThreadAmerican Thread – “Direction to Heaven”
Boston, Massachusetts
Genre: Americana, Rock

If you’re into the classic Americana sound that’s grown from the country’s rich historical roots, don’t miss American Thread, whose track “Direction to Heaven” is featured below. Residing in Boston, Massachusetts, the four piece band looks to simply play their style of rock Americana. “Direction to Heaven” features an upbeat rhythm with well matched vocals, especially beautiful when the backup singers kick in and throw in their support.

Dustin BentallDustin Bentall and the Smokes – “You are an Island”
Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: Americana, Rock

Dustin Bentall is a Vancouver bourn musician, raised on the raw, emotional rock of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Steve Earle. Listening to “You are an Island” proves that his influences are hardly a secret. Fresh off of his latest EP release, “You Are an Island,” this past July, Bentall got together with three other talented musicians for the debut album, and dubbed the group “Dustin Bentall and the Smokes.” The group is in the midst of a nation wide tour, going on through the fall.

Canopy ClimbersCanopy Climbers – “Stuck”
Arkansas, United States
Genre: indie, pop, rock

Cory Nelson, Alan Thomas, and Nathan Andrew Miller make up Canopy Climbers, an indie-pop trio destined for big things if the catchy hooks featured in “Stuck” are any indication. Interestingly, all three members work together almost completely via the internet, writing and recording from three separate places across the Untied States. “Stuck” comes from the group’s second release “Miles.” As the group continues to climb the Hype Machine and iTunes charts, only big things seem destined for their future.

The VisiblesThe Visibles – “Trestled in Trees”
San Francisco, California
Genre: indie, experimental, pop

The Visibles released their self-titled debut album just last month, and have been seeing growing success since. Singer/songwriter Justin Goldman’s unique vocals provide plenty to love on the track “Trestled in Trees,” which almost seems like a bizarre b-track from The Beach Boy’s “Pet Sounds.” The band is rounded out by guitarist/producer Pascal Garneau, Robert Jakubs on the drums, Dashiell Worfolk on keyboards, and Mike Alexis on bass. If artists like David Bowie are your thing, don’t miss this track.

Mother MereyMother Merey and the Black Dirt – “Whistlin’ Up the Road”
Austin, Texas
Genre: Blues, Folk

Mother Merey and the Black Dirt’s unique take on blues and folk provide for some foot stomping good listens. The trio of Mother Merey Kimbrough on washboard and vocals,
Eric Witthans playing dobro and singing, and
Kevin Allen picking the harp and singing too, provide some of the most unique sounds in blues today. The trio harmonizes beatuifully on “Whistlin’ up the Road,” with sing-along lyrics that will have you feeling like you’re taking a long road-trip through the American mid-west.

kristenKristin Cothron – “What a View”
Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: rock, alternative, country

Kristin Cothron’s music is self described as “born from a dark Southern psyche charred by half-burned cigarette ash then soaked in sweet tea.” Not too bad of a description for the artist who started at the young age of 13. While Cothron has a strong background in jazz, her music tends to disguise that pretty well, instead showing a darker, more twisted character that is infinitely more interesting. The artist’s latest work, “Show Me Where the Edge is,” builds on this one-of-a-kind sound. Regardless of genre tastes, Kristin Cothron will impress the ficklest of listeners.

DJsNever rightDJsNeverEndingStory – “Floating Euphoria”
St. Louis, Missouri
Genre: Hip hop, electronica

DjsNeverEndingStory, formally known as Dennis Preston Jr, is an American record producer, remixer, and beat extraordinaire. With obvious influences from the LA beat scene as well as the UK’s dance scene, NeverEndingStory dubs his style of music “floating,” as it bounces from one genre to the next. His compositions can be heard on a variety of networks, including ESPN, Spike TV,, and the FX animated series “Unsupervised.” Preston Jr. also offers free tutorials on his music making process on his Youtube page, so don’t forget to check that out as well.

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Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor