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BOTR - October 2012

October 2012

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Fall’s in full force, and we’re here with 12 fresh new tracks to help put together your soundtrack to the season. As always, Back of the Rack shoots to introduce your ears to great new music – and this month is no different. Let’s get right to the good stuff.

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Jez DiorJez Dior – Candles
Los Angeles, California
Genre: Hip-hop

Jez Dior is planning to release his solo debut Scarlett Sage soon. Leading up to the release, the artist dropped this single, “Candles,” featuring an up-tempo grove nuanced with R&B influences. Marred by a tough family life capped with an addicted father, Jez Dior is unafraid to touch on the pain and ugliness that was a part of his upbringing, but prefers focusing on love. “I make music that has feelings. Feelings of love. Hate. Fear. Confidence. Death. Life. Beauty. And the ugly. But mostly love. Love is everything.”

Anthony Blaine and the Bare Bones OrchestraAnthony Blaine and the Bare Bones Orchestra – Dear Mother Nature
Calgary, Canada
Genre: Roots, Folk

With over sixteen performing musicians on Anthony Blaine and the Bare Bones Orchestra’s latest release Daydream Diaries, it’s safe to say the sheer number of influences on the band’s style is vast. One listen is all it takes to realize this — it’s a sound practically indescribable. Leading the group, Anthony Blaine performs and also produces all of the band’s recorded work. The Bare Bones Orchestra is lucky to have him – with a sound as large as theirs, it takes a talented individual to reign it all in. Blaine does so in spades.

Daniel Ellsworth and the Great LakesDaniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes – Bleeding Tongue
Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: Rock, Blues

Hot off of being listed on Amazon’s top 100 albums and top 100 songs last year, Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes are ready to take their next step forward. Self producing their latest album Civilized Man, the band has taken a strong new turn with the release, the first not under complete control of lead man Daniel Ellsworth, who up until Civilized had been creating solo material as a singer/songwriter. Now supported by a backing band, Daniel Ellsworth and his gritty music are prepared for big things.

Wild CubWild Cub – Jonti
Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: Pop, electronic

Wild Cub’s most recent release is a whirlwind of rides and emotions, capturing the ups and downs of summers past in a sea of warm bass, drums, and synths. Surrounded in a cloud of dreamy keyboard stabs and driven by a persistent kick drum, it’s hard not to feel somewhat childlike when listening to “Jonti,” the single off of the band’s debut LP, Youth. Recorded in multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock’s house over the course of two months, Youth feels just as the title sounds, and embraces listeners in a heartwarming hug the whole listen though.

Clockwork RadioClockwork Radio – Resolver
Manchester, England
Genre: Pop, Funk, Rock

With four EP releases the past two years, Clockwork Radio have proven they’re some of the hardest working musicians in Europe. They’ve toured multiple times across the continent in the time span, playing in cafes, on rooftops, along the beach, and anywhere else people are willing to listen. Their work has started to pay off, as the group has recently shared the stage with acts like The Prodigy, The Hives, and Bombay Bicycle Club. If you haven’t gotten to see the band live yet, don’t fret – they plan to continue to tour Europe well into 2013.

We Are SerenadesWe Are Serenades – Oceans
Genre: Pop, Alternative, Rock

Coming off their April 2012 release Criminal Heaven, We Are Serenades are masters of lush, well orchestrated music. Criminal Heaven, the duo’s debut album, carries an emotional punch, a momentum easily felt on their single “Oceans.” With such force and rhythm driving each track, listeners are swept into a life more meaningful, full of direction, as artists Adam Olenius and Marcus Krunegard direct emotion and intensity into the heart of listeners. “Oceans” is a must listen.

Bravo ColumboBravo Columbo – Lock
Londonderry, UK
Genre: R&B, Electronic

Singer/songwriter Scott Walker started off as a solo acoustic artist back in 2007, playing sparse gigs here and there. Overtime, Walker evolved towards more electronic influences, learning the ins and outs of production along the way. Now almost entirely a studio production musician, Bravo Columbo, Walker’s namesake, has combined electronic and acoustic styles into a melancholy, sombre brew, ripe for contemplation and relaxation.

Lord Huron
Lord Huron – Time to Run
Los Angeles, California
Genre: Folk, Pop

Lord Huron likes to play their cards close to their hand. While the group boasts over six thousand likes on Facebook, they provide no history on how the band came to be, no list of members in the band, and no shout outs to bands that influenced their style. Led by Ben Schneider, who also creates all artwork for the band, Lord Huron’s epic brand of folk-pop is borderline inspirational upon listen. The group is set to release Lonesome Dreams, their debut full length, October 9th.

ZoogmaZoogma – Blocks
Oxford, Mississippi
Genre: Electronic, Rock

Combing the emotion and grit of a four piece rock group with the intensity and excitement of electronic artists, Zoogma’s dance-party-ready live jams are loaded with energetic improvisation, grooving beats, and awe-inspiring light shows. Touring extensively off of the release of their debut LP Recreational Vehicles, Zoogma’s main focus is their live show, appealing to a broad audience with their tastes of rock, electronic, and hip-hop, and their tendency to get the crowd moving and in a good mood.

Art KenyonArt Kenyon – This Girl’s Trouble
Vancover, Canada
Genre: Indie, Pop, Rock

Art Kenyon, 20-year-old singer/songwriter, released his first EP, Cocoon, back in February. Produced by Vince Ditrich, Cocoon hardly sounds like an effort from a man who was still a teenager less than a year ago. Crediting the Beatles for getting him into music, the Fab Four’s knack for varying their style plays a strong influence on Kenyon, who’s EP ranges from relaxed alternative to hard-hitting blues, from acoustic jams to pure rock. Saying Art Kenyon has potential is a gross understatement. He’s already realized it.

Two GallantsTwo Gallants – My Love Won’t Wait
San Francisco, California
Genre: Folk, Rock

Folk rock duo Two Gallants, who take their name from the famous James Joyce short story found in his collection Dubliners, have been around since 2002, when bandmates Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel began performing around San Francisco. While they were 21 at the time, the duo had been playing music together since the age of twelve, slow-cooking a synergy that has come to a head with The Bloom and the Blight, the band’s first LP in five years, released this past September.

Slightly StoopidSlightly Stoopid – Top of the World
San Diego, California
Genre: Reggae, Rock, Punk

Slightly Stoopid has slowly but surely filled the huge hole left behind by Sublime with the passing of Bradly Nowell. With a similar blend of reggae, rock, blues, folk, punk, hip hop, and whatever else tickles their fancy, Slightly Stoopid has created a sound and soul all their own, but one that still appeals to those who miss the high energy, SoCal feel of their mentors, Sublime. Their newest LP, Top of the World, dropped in August, and is currently being supported on a nationwide tour.

About the Art Work: Anamaria Ramos was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where her artistic aspirations began at a young age, when she dreamed of growing up to become a “colorer.” After studying visual design in Providence, Rhode Island at Brown University, Ramos returned to Los Angeles, where she continues to advance her photography and design skills.

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Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor