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NYE With Papadosio and The Werks @ Columbus

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Papadosio and The Werks combined forces for 2012’s entrance to host what would become one of the best local events of the year. The Ohio bands brought it all back home for a two night celebration at The LC Pavillion in downtown Columbus. They would go on to play to a sold out crowd on New Year’s Eve, making the night only more remarkable. Playing host to fans from all across the state and beyond, what the bands had in store was nothing short of a genuinely crafted live musical experience that came straight from the heart. With their inclusion of live art in the spatial context of their sets, The LC was set up to also host painters, hoopers, and dance/performers. Reminiscent of both the bands respective festivals, Rootwire and The Werk Out, familiar faces glowed in every corner. Both bands have a strong following of dedicated friends and fans that will relentlessly turn out, thus completing the creative circle of artistic collaboration within the musical landscape.

Friday night brought in opening acts The Polish Ambassador, and the on-the-rise Space Panda. The Werks played a high energy set as they threw down Althea for the first time, brought Mike Healy out on drums to jam, and at one point Space Panda on the keys. They were then followed by Papadosio, who took the stage to headline the evening, playing a set to warm the soul with excitement. As fans began to arrive in town, the first night was a gratifying one with a peaceful edge as friends reunited and anticipated the impending epic-ness to come the next night.

Papdosio’s The Lack of Everything

Night two was packed full of energy and new faces. As the start of the event got closer, the news of a possible sell out was lifting as last minute fans snagged their tickets and pushed The LC to capacity for the inevitable sold out evening. Local bands RoeVY. and Karma/Attak kicked it off and the crowds began to pour in. Papadosio would go on first to an only expanding crowd, stoking the excitement as midnight drew closer and closer. The beginning of the end ensued as The Werks joined Papadosio on stage, combining their magical musical powers to become Werkadosio.

They kicked off the collaboration with Polygons. It was becoming more clear by the minute that something sublime was about to occur. The countdown began, instigating the crowd into an eruption of excitement as the tolling of bells and clocks rang throughout the room, and the heartbeat pounding thuds followed. There was only amazement as fans realized what the guys had put together as they covered Pink Floyd’s Time. Masterfully recreated into the Werkadosio style to initiate the New Year, the moment was truly transcendental.

The Werks’ Duck Farm (Live)

Then it became The Werks set again as they continued to awe the room with high energy grooves, and some new and bar-raising covers. The Werks debuted OG, covered It’s the End of the World, and rocked Liquid as former member Chuck Love joined the guys on stage for yet another astonishing moment. The set hit yet another high point as the guys covered Rage Against the Machine’s Killing In the Name for the first time ever with Norm on vocals. The night was brought to the perfect end as Papadosio joined The Werks again to play a 2001 encore, Chuck included.

Both bands seem to defy genre classification with ease, which in turn makes them so noticeably intriguing and mesmerizing to watch. Each band is uniquely comprised of heavy hitters that cover all realms of their crafted sounds. Rob Chafin on drums, Dino Dimitrouleas with the bass, Norman Dimitrouleas on keyboards, and Chris Houser shredding the guitar merge their individual and respective strengths to form The Werks, which is truly a product of each of their own eclectic musical influences. At the heart of Papadosio is Anthony Thogmartin on guitar and keys, Mike Healy on the drums, Rob McConnell on bass, Billy Brouse keys, and Sam Brouse keys. The five talented guys excel with their inspirational artistic means of expression through music.

The two bands are at the forefront of what appears to be a shift occurring in the musical world. After a strong summer of countless festivals and shows all over the country, the two took the beginning of 2012 head on and at full speed. For some time now, they have been progressing at a fast rate, astounding fans as they appear to just be getting better and better each time; the event was proof of that.

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The Werkadosio collaboration represented a new year of transformation, a shift and change towards a different level of musical experience and consciousness. At the heart of these two bands is a message around the idea of love and appreciation, as well as positivity and one-ness which pulses throughout each song, and in every set they play. The two have proven that we as a live music community can transform to become bigger and better.

It creates hope that music can be more than just a concert.

Written By:
Alicyn Lane