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November 2012

Back Of The Rack Featured

It’s the start of a new month, and you know what that means: another awesome batch of hot new tracks for you to comb over. This month we have some of our favorite new sounds by up and coming artists in rock, folk, electronic, and hip-hop music, with a few genre-benders thrown in for good measure.

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Without further ado, your November Back of the Rack…

monsters calling homeMonsters Calling Home — Growing Up
San Fernando Valley, California
Genre: Folk

Monsters Calling Home is a six-piece group of “young Korean folk living in Los Angeles,” who’s passionate take on folk music seems to be made to produce goosebumps. Honest, heartfelt songwriting, along with well paced song structure and moving lyrics bring Monsters Calling Home together, as they channel influences including Arcade Fire and Bright Eyes. The group will be playing at the Troubadour in Los Angeles December 4th.

TreehouseTreehouse – Tell No One
Chicago, Illinois
Genre: Hip-hop

Hip-hop is evolving at a rapid rate, and Treehouse aims to be at the forefront. Based in Chicago, the three-piece group is looking for something new and groundbreaking. “Occasionally, something new explodes into our awareness and we realize that we’ve been waiting for it all along. Visceral and thoughtful, this is Treehouse,” states he group’s bio. “Tell No One” somehow blends 70’s psychedelia with Rage Against the Machine-esk build-ups and break-downs. Highly talented, intelligent lyrical flow over the top is just icing on the cake.

The Archive — Julia Dear
New York City, New York
Genre: Rock

With influences ranging from Captain Beefheart to Sonic Youth, Radiohead to Neil Young, New York City’s The Archive is looking to put their stamp on rock and roll. While it may not be groundbreaking experimental, “Dear Julia” seems to be the next evolutionary step in rock. While others have been distracted by passing genre-melding fads, The Archive aim to bring the music back to its roots – where one chord, some strong reverb, and a fiery passion is all it takes to turn heads.

Kiernen MucMullanKiernan McMullan — Heartbeat
Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: Rock

While he’s now residing in Nashville Tennesse, Kiernan McMullan has hardly kept still the last ten years, as he’s toured relentlessly promoting his music. Two Years, McMullan’s latest effort released this past March, details the time period between signing to his new record deal and finally releasing the album, with all the juicy details in between – from the pain that comes with leaving a loved one behind while touring, to the fear of driving your tour van through winter storms to make the next gig. Full of emotion, McMullan’s sound leaves little left on the table.

The Wood BrothersThe Wood Brothers — Spirit
Nashville, Tennesse
Genre: Folk, Bluegrass

OurVinyl was lucky enough to have the Wood Brothers stop by the offices to film a Session with us earlier this month – if you haven’t checked it out, it’s a treat. With a history you can’t make up, the two brothers found their passion for music on two completely different paths. Years later, the stars would align just right, as the two came together to form The Wood Brothers – mixing the perfect styles for slow, hot, lazy days on the back porch. Pour yourself some lemonade, pull up the rocking chair, kick back, and enjoy.

Mr. MoriahMount Moriah — Lament
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Genre: Folk, Rock

Mount Moriah doesn’t bother getting too fancy with their down to earth take on classic American folk music. Sure, they may throw in some rock influence here or there as a curveball, but the trio, formed and based in North Carolina, rely much more on the emotion folk music has always intended to convey over any sort of gimmicks. Their track “Lament,” featured here, touches souls with Heather McEntire’s nostalgic, at times desperate, voice accompanied by the spot on, less-is-more backing band.

The Crookes — Maybe in the Dark
Sheffield, England
Genre: Rock, Indie

Named after the Sheffield, England suburb by the same name, The Crookes formed in 2008 and didn’t bother to take too much time to build a fan base. Within the year, NME had already highly touted the group, vouching “a band this good is unlikely to remain obscure for long.” With a unique flair that puts them above the majority of today’s indie pop bands, The Crookes knack for melodies and superb lyrics only promises more success for the four-year-old band.

Neon FaithNeonFaith — Tied Together
Queens, New York
Genre: Electronic

Self described as “just a few kids in Jamaica, Queens making music in the basement,” NeonFaith’s eccentric blend of tribal rhythms, synth bass lines, and beautiful, magic vocals absorbs and hypnotizes attention. Using empty space as a driving force on “Tied Together,” NeonFaith’s take on the electronic scene is a refreshing one. While the group has been hit hard in the wake of hurricane Sandy, halting production, a full-length effort by the group is on the top of OurVinyl’s Christmas wish list.

phree societyPhree Society — Deserted Beach
United States
Genre: Hip-hop

Phree Society looks to be fresh on the scene, if his internet imprint is any indication – his Soundcloud profile’s oldest track only goes back four months. The rapper must have been practicing for years before releasing tracks, because “Deserted Beach’s” lyrics and flow leave little to be desired. Back by a mystical, heady backing beat and stiff snare drum, “Deserted Beach” is showcasing new talent at its birth. Don’t miss out.

ColleaguesColleagues – Parent’s House
Stockholm, Sweeden
Genre: Electronic

Colleague’s debut track, “Parent’s House,” is everything that’s perfect about synth pop. As though it were stripped straight from the 80’s, “Parent’s House” has all the ingredients that make a catchy electronic pop track – heavy reverb, long delays, plenty of synth stabs, and backing percussion that doesn’t even bother to try and sound like an analog drum set. Based out of Stockholm, Colleagues has the geographical roots to be the next big thing in synth-based music — and by the sounds of “Parent’s House,” they have the talent as well.

mixtape 2012Kishi Bashi — Bright Whites
Norkfolk, Virginia
Genre: Rock, Pop

Singer, violinist, and composer K. Ishibashi seemingly does it all. Using looping software along with switching between playing violin and singing, the artist’s live solo show is something else. Having worked with Of Montreal and Regina Spektor, Kishi Bashi is no stranger to the eccentric. His newest solo work, 151A, is an epic orchestral effort, a display of the artist’s true talents. It was released this April.

mixtape 2012Youtha — Runaway
Staffordshire, UK
Genre: Rock

Youtha is an emerging rock four-piece out of Staffordshire, United Kingdom. With Stuart Whiston on vocals and guitar, Mike Lo Bosco on lead guitar, Darren Edwards on bass, and Matthew Jones on Drums, the young group is shaking the rock scene with melodic singing and crunchy guitar riffs. Make sure to catch their debut three track EP, now available on iTunes.

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About the Artwork: Latasha Moore is a freelance designer who has been drawing since she was a young child. She became a professional illustrator after graduating college in May 2010, but has been producing art for businesses since high school. Latasha mainly works in traditional mediums, but has been experimenting with digital mediums as of late. You can view more of Latasha’s work at, or check out her blog at 

Thanks for scoping out this month’s issue of Back of the Rack. Don’t forget to subscribe above to get the monthly issue delivered straight to your inbox, including free downloads of each track! Thanks for supporting new artists, new music, and new talent. We’ll see you next month.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor