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NO’s “The Long Haul”

Song Of The Day

Today’s Song of the Day may sound familiar to you if by chance you watch the show “Elementary” on CBS.  It’s funny that a lot of up and coming acts land their songs on television shows and worm their way into our brains before you even know it.

But back to the band, they go by the name NO and hail from the Echo Park area of Los Angeles, California. The band is comprised of Bradley Hanan Carter, who first came to the U.S. as guitarist/backup singer for New Zealand rockers Steriogram, in addition to Sean Daniel Stentz, Joseph Sumner, Reese Richardson and Mike Walker.  Considered up and comers on the LA music scene, and also have garnered attention from outlets like NME and even TIME.  Plus add to that, after many people heard this track at the end of the show, I am sure they are well on their way to having their big break out moment.  After all, look what one strategically placed song in an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” did for The Fray.

But it isn’t just that, the song and the music is polished perfection.  “The Long Haul” is a heart breaking song, complete with vocals from Carter that make you feel the pain and anguish in the lyrics.  But if that isn’t enough, it’s a pretty damn catchy song that has you searching for more material from the band.

For more details on the band, or to download their new EP, log on to their website at

Written by Christina Lawler