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breezeblocks remix

No Ceremony’s “Breezeblocks (ALT-J vs NOC REMIX)”

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Sometimes this old internet thing can make a guy feel lucky. Somehow stumbling upon the British DJ that goes by the moniker No Ceremony, who is part of the CPR Agency, has totally made this author’s day. It is clearly evident that this dude has uncanny skills, especially when it comes to the remix/mashup. He can add joy, or darkness, euphoria, or distress into a song – a song you may already have strong emotive associations with – and ends up pleasantly asking you to rethink the song. Or at times he just reinforces the original badass’ness of a song. In this instance, maybe it’s a little of both…

Alt-J, which has probably secured their “rookie of the year” status after the release of their fantastic first album ‘An Awesome Wave’, gives us the underlying track for this remix, Breezeblocks. No Ceremony takes advantage of the wondrously haunting and entrancing vocals from the song, as well as some of the piano and melodic intentions. But then you get the raw hip hop force from the NOC beat that just takes things up to 11. You may find yourself freestyling under your breath (or is that just me?), or swaggering a bit in your seat, even if you just woke up.

Enjoy! (FYI – if you care to hear a stellar long mix featuring No Ceremony click here)

No Ceremony’s Breezeblocks (Alt-J vs NOC)