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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ “Red Right Hand”

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Few artists in popular music are more appropriate for the fall, winter and Halloween season than Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Since the early 80s Nick Cave has been producing unique and utterly compelling music. It just so happens most of it veers into the territory of a gothic Johnny Cash, singing of Murder, God, and the most unsavory characters that could litter a dark and dreary landscape. Probably his most well-known song, “Red Right Hand” has an eerie mood and dramatic percussion and organ stings that would feel right at home in a haunted house or dramatic scene in a Bela Lugosi horror film. So of course, it is perfect for Halloween.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ “Red Right Hand”

It does seem funny that it came to prominence in pop culture thanks to its inclusion in Scream 1, 2, AND 3, with Cave even recording a new version especially for the Scream 3 soundtrack. It’s certainly made the rounds though, appearing in Dumb and Dumber, X-Files and plenty of other media. Chances are you’ve heard this song too. If you haven’t or aren’t more familiar with the rest of Cave’s work, it can’t be stressed enough what a diverse and incredible artist he is, and well worth your time, even if it’s just putting a couple of his tracks on your Halloween playlist.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer