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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ “Papa Won’t Leave You Henry”

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Nick Cave’s most popular project may have lain dormant for several years while the raucous and wooly Grinderman romped around the world, but The Bad Seeds machine is back online, with details of the forthcoming album ‘Push The Sky Away’ emerging, as well as his first tour dates with the Bad Seeds in North America for many years, hitting areas of the country he hasn’t played in as many as 12 years. To celebrate the reactivation of this iconic band, we feature what is arguably what is one of the best songs in their catalog, “Papa Won’t Leave You Henry.” Taken from the 1992 album ‘Henry’s Dream,’ it’s the opening track and kicks off the album in an epic way. Though over the years Cave has expressed his unhappiness with the album, it remains a fan favorite and contains some of the best songs of his career. Listen as Nick Cave weaves a sick and strange tale that casts him as a something of a gothic Bob Dylan.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ “Papa Won’t Leave You Henry”

The Bad Seeds have always been masterful at providing the perfect back drop for Cave’s narratives, remaining spare as we enter the song and coming on stronger as the imagery gets more graphic and the tale more dire, culminating in a loud cacophony of minor keys and noise as Cave shrieks about “lynch mobs, death squads and babies being born without brains.” It’s certainly not for faint of heart, and those wanting feel good music need not apply. This is he darker, grittier side of rock music that resides in the shadows. If you give Cave and his Bad Seeds a chance, you’ll find a perfect blend of instrumentation and Edgar Allen Poe quality storytelling lyrics.

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Jarad Matula | Senior Writer