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Phosphene Dream

New Music Monday: The Black Angels’ “Phosphene Dream”

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Attention fans of music devoted to the rhythmically hallucinogenic; less than a week ago The Black Angels released a new album titled “Phosphene Dream.” It is the 3rd album in 6 years for this Austin, TX based band. If you are unfamiliar with their material and their sound; they played thick, heavy, dark (in sound) psychedelic rock music that is always subservient to a robustly constructed beat. It is usually dreamy, fluidly dynamic, and chaotic – but always in a way that doesn’t undermine the foundation of the rhythm section.

This album does not deviate from the previous 2 in that the “Black Angels sound” remains safely intact – one doubts that will ever be altered. But there is a subtle alteration of the album’s musical approach in that they seem to have openly taken on the challenge of adapting their spacey-rock-stylings with earlier styled rock music than before. One can hear a little bit of Mo-Town and early rock n’ roll (pre 1967 or so) in a couple of these tracks, specifically on the tracks Telephone and Sunday Afternoon. And within the tracks that present a more traditional “Black Angels” sound they still seem to have altered their sound by taking on a more dynamic approach (in that they are okay with song progression and substantial in-song alterations). It is an album that showcases just enough musical growth from the previous releases – in addition to the band sticking to their sound, the one they have perfected and are known for, and one that their audience has come to expect and love.

The Black Angels will be touring with the other “dark” psychedelic rock band Black Mountain (who is also amazing) this fall and winter, so if you like psych rock you have zero excuses for not being there! [go here to see their tour schedule].

Below you can listen to the titled track of their new album, “Phosphene Dream.” But you know you wanna check out the entire album…