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New Music Monday : Sufjan Steven’s EP “All Delighted People”

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It’s a new week, so let’s take an OurVinyl-look at what brand new music you maybe-might-should check out!

Sufjan Stevens has announced that he is releasing a new EP, as in it already dropped yesterday. Sufjan is an indie-poet god to many, but hasn’t been singing and writing music in the past years in the same manner that received all the initial buzz and admiration. This has now changed with the catch-you-off-guard electronic released of his new EP “All Delighted People.”

This EP runs an LP-like 60 minutes and is comprised of 8 songs. The EP’s central focus is two versions of the title track All Delighted People, which Sufjan’s label’s website reports that song(s) are inspired by, “a dramatic homage to the Apocalypse, existential ennui, and Paul Simon’s ‘Sounds of Silence.'” Yeah that’s hard to put together mentally upon first blush, but have no fear it really is classic Sufjan material, but new, so it’s very worth checking out. The other tracks include a 17-minute guitar jam – supposedly for single mothers – named Diohariah, and a 6 1/2 minute gothic piano ballad titled The Owl and the Tanager. The songs are delightfully esoteric and considerably psychedelic at some points. And as always with Sufjan Stevens, it is a VERY audiophile-friendly release. It’s not music that works in all moments, but it’s great for relaxing or reflective moments.

The EP can be streamed freely in its entirety, or downloaded for only $5, right here.