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New Music Monday: Robert Plant’s “Band Of Joy”

Editors Pick

Robert Plant, in case you are one prone to forgetting names, was once the lead singer for Led Zeppelin (enough said). He just released a new LP titled, “Band Of Joy.” The 62 year old has been releasing solo material sporadically since Zeppelin called it quits in the early 80’s. The name “Band of Joy” is apparently named after Robert’s pre-Zeppelin band in the 60’s. The sound inherent within this album is not going to sound like Zeppelin’s raucously guitar driven psycedelia, or their thick blooded blues rock numbers, but it may strike chords with their more folksy and acoustic songs that are sprinkled amongst their discography.

In this album Robert seems to have reached a moment of content reflection, not that this is a startling deviation from his previous solo-work, but it is more authentically palpable within this album. It is songs such as I’m Falling in Love Again, The Only Sound that Matters, and Even This Shall Pass in which one can listen to Robert begin to expound upon current life view-point, and it sounds like he is in a good place and really enjoying life.

Most of the songs lean toward the slower end of the musical spectrum, but not all. In Angel Dance, Central Two O Nine, and You Can’t Buy My Love we find ourselves with peppy beats and some of that wonderful quasi-country but all rock n roll lyrical slur that he is remember for on Zeppelin’s more folk-like numbers. And while his voice has undoubtedly changed due to aging, your memory still knows who it is and demands that your ears listens.

Robert even seems to give us his take on a more contemporary sound on a couple tracks (Monkey and Silver Rider); that which could be deemed fuzzy & echoed indie songs, songs that Zeppelin would have never created. So while there are no Led-like stadium friendly rock anthems, there is a good breadth of sound here, and no songs that really miss their intention. It seems that Mr. Plant put a lot of thought into this one; and we are the benefactors. If you are a fan of Zeppelin’s more unhurried music, or of folky or bluegrass’ish acoustic rock in general – this is an album that needs to find it’s way to your ears.

Below is the video for his first single off the album, Angel Dance.