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Best Coast

New Music Monday: A look at the new LP from Best Coast

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On this Monday at the end of summer we take a look at a brand new album which really tries to take on a ‘summer sound.’ The album is their very first and is called “Crazy For You”, the band’s name is Best Coast. This band is a 3-piece that hails from Los Angeles (so one can only guess the best coast is the west coast?) that is led by Bethany Cosentino. Their sound is in the vein of contemporary indie surfer rock. It has that attractive audiophile-friendly lo-fi sound, with fuzzy guitars and reverb-laden vocals. It’s as if the band found a reverb and effect setting for their instruments and vocals, and never again touched it for the entirety of the album’s recording. It’s not unlike the sonic approach of other recent neo-surfer indie rock such as Surfer Blood or Male Bonding. But instead of infusing a rock n’ roll edge and a bit of confusion with the fuzz, Best Coast uses it as a relaxing effect that ties each song together with a difficult to describe, but very poignant, warm-weather feel.

To be sure, you have to be in the right mood to appreciate an album in which each song employs basically the ‘same sound.’ While each of the 13 songs has a wonderfully glassy smooth feel to it, it can become redundant if one is actively listening and not in the correct mood for surf pop. But as background music, or as setting reinforcing music (such as daytime BBQ, at the beach or pool, while you are cleaning your place with the windows open, or going to nap in the sun) then one can really get a sense of the talent behind this album’s sound.

Best Coast

If nothing else this is some very interesting new music, summer friendly new music, for you to take in on your last Monday of August. So listen to Best Coast while at the beach this labor day weekend, or if you want to pretend like you are at one…

[To listen to Best Coast or purchase their music you can go to Best Coast’s iTunes Link or their Myspace page]