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BOTR - April 2012

April 2012

Back Of The Rack

It’s the beginning of April and that means two things – Spring is in full swing, and Our Vinyl has a fresh batch of new Back of the Rack artists’ new music to share with you.

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It’s our duty to bring these artists the recognition they deserve, and it’s the least we can do in return for their gift of music.

new musicSyd Arthur – Planet of Love
Canterbury, England
Genres: folk, psychedelic, rock

Syd Arthur offers a combination of genres you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Listeners first notice the musician’s thick accent, which accentuates the layers of folk guitar strumming as Arthur crones on about changing our views on how we choose to live. Add to the mix some touches of piano, violin, and even rock guitar, and you have a style of music that’s hard to categorize. Consider that to be more than a good thing here – “Planet of Love” is moving, to say the least.


new musicMadeon – Pop Culture
Paris, France
Genres: electronic, remix, glitch hop

Madeon has made a huge splash with this track, “Pop Culture,” which samples a neck breaking 39 songs in just about three minutes. The accompanying YouTube video showing Madeon performing the song on his Novation Launchpad went viral, as viewers fell in love with not just the track, but the way it was made. See how many of the featured tracks in the song you can recognize as you listen.

Jeremy FisherJeremy Fisher – On My Mind
Montreal, Canada
Genres: folk, blues

Jeremy Fisher plays guitar, mandolin, ukelele, and more. He tours his music by bicycle. He directs music videos for himself and others. To sum it up, Jeremy Fisher is an artist. His yet-to-be-named new album, featuring 12 new tracks, was recorded live in studio, in hopes of catching the flair of the musician’s live performance that fans have grown so attached to — and if the reaction to the teaser video for the album is any indication, it just might be his best work to date.


zach deputyZach Deputy – Into the Morning
Bluffton, South Carolina
Genres: reggae, soul

Zach Deputy is more or less a one man band. For most of his live events, the charismatic performer uses live loops to create the atmosphere of an entire backing group, as he spills his soul through his special mix of reggae, dance, and rock. His most recent album, Another Day, may signal a change in the artist’s approach, though – the album was recorded with a full band, and a matching tour is said to be in the works.


Reverend Leon and the RepentersReverend Leon and the Repenters – Bonnie and Clyde
Princeton, TX
Genres: blues, rockabilly, country

Reverend Leon and the Repenters may have started out as a rag-tag group of musicians who were originally just grabbing whatever gigs they could find with any bands that needed their assistance, but since coming together and forming their own group, it’s not hard to say they’ve quickly found a sound unique to themselves. “Bonnie and Clyde” features some rip-roaring guitar work that’s perfect for the band’s native Texas grounds, and features classic blues lyrics on getting over true love.


marc gooneMarc Goone – I’m Going ft. O.V.
St. Louis, MO
Genres: hip hop, rap

We can’t release a Back of the Rack without a little hip hop, and this month is no exception as we feature Marc Goone. Goone may currently be based in St. Louis, but that could change soon if there’s any truth to the lyrics in “I’m Going.” With sweet female backup vocals, a classic hip hop drum loop, and some simple synth lines, Goone is able to make the track his own with his signiture rapping style, as his lyrics delve into the rapper’s hopes of leaving home for Los Angeles.


the new unionThe New Union – Tonight
Brighton, UK
Genres: alternative, pop, rock

Richard Jackson, Leo Solti, Alex Leeder, and James Baker have come together to form The New Union, a pop rock group who sounds primed to hit mainstream radio any day. With a lengthy buildup lasting almost two thirds of the track, “Tonight” breaks open with about a minute left into an epiphany of sounds that leaves listeners feeling inspired, if not a little lonely. It’s a great track for those desperate Friday nights when plans didn’t work out as expected.


carouselCarousel – Count Me In
Stockholm, Sweden
Genres: indie rock

Three-piece band Carousel, including Henrik Eriksson, Jimmy Jansson, and Andreas Karlsson, are tough to classify. Slapping the label “indie rock” may be the easy way out, but it doesn’t do a great job defining the inherent catchy-ness of the group, who’s song “Count Me In” has listeners singing along with first listen. It seems the groups wacky guitar lines on the track, along with addictive back-up vocals, are what makes things click here but it’s tough to say for sure. However they do it, Carousel seems to have the intangibles necessary for putting together great singles.


julia easterlinJulia Easterlin – Render
Boston, MA
Genres: folk, indie

Julia Easterlin immediately provides comparisons to artists Feist and Dirty Projectors, which is hardly an insult. Using looping hardware to create entire choruses consisting of just her voice, Easterlin enchants us with sounds that are both beautiful and haunting. Equipped with arguably the best vocal range out of our artists featured this month, Easterlin will soothe troubled souls and calm overworked minds. Consider “Render” the audible equivalent of a relaxing hot shower.


the tinder boxThe Tinder Box – These Winds
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Genres: folk, bluegrass

The Tinder Box may be a simple three-piece band, but boy do they pack a wallop. “Toe-tapper” may be the best way to describe “These Winds,” the single from the group’s debut EP of the same name. When a lonely trumpet line kicks in to start the song off, it’s a sure sign of the sorrowful-yet-hopeful tone the song will take — only to be enhanced soon after with spot-on bluegrass singing laden with notes of despair and encouragement.


lundiLundi – Out on the Water
Brooklyn, NY
Genres: indie, pop, rock

“Out on the Water” sounds like the perfect fit for a cute indie-but-not-too-indie film – think soundtracks to movies like Juno, Garden State, or The Royal Tenenbaums. With a free download of their latest EP on their website, Lundi hopes to break new ground showcasing their style to a wider audience. “Out on the Water” is a great track for a low-key adventure – perhaps a carefree canoeing trip out on the closest lake?


About The Artwork

This month’s artwork comes from Tang Ya Hoong. We reached out to this particular artist after we stumbled across his impressive portfolio on Behance. Tang Ya Hoong is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and his work range includes editorial illustration, advertising illustration, apparel design, poster design and book illustration and cover design. For more of his work visit his website at

new music

That wraps it up for April’s Back of the Rack. Remember to support your favorite artists however you can – the internet is a powerful tool, and we play a large roll in bringing quality music out of the shadows and into the lime light. Let’s show these musicians that we recognize good music – and we want to see it succeed. Until next month!

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor