New Logo and Quick Update - OurVinyl

New Logo and Quick Update

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The new logo is finally official and you can expect to see some major changes to the blog in the next few week.  The new layout will be implemented next week the 21st of this month.  We feel the logo is a much better representation of our company but, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  We are looking into Trademarking the logo this time due to the unexpected launch of Myspace Music’s logo last year.  All graphic design work was done by’s Alex Hoffman.  Alex is currently working on launching his own site to spotlight his own portfolio.  We will be sure to post the link in the next week to allow you to see some of his other artistic accomplishments.  Next week you can also expect to see the John Nolan piece.  We ran into several audio issues with the footage but, continue to learn with each piece we finish.

Mike Reuther