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Want to be an OurVinyl Ambassador?

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OurVinyl is now looking for fresh blood to join our group of national and international music Ambassadors. If you have a passion for new music and love spreading word about the next big up-and-coming artists, our Ambassador program is for you.

Every month, OurVinyl publishes its famous Back of the Rack column, showcasing ten of the biggest names you’ve yet to hear in music. Many of the artists featured in Back of the Rack find their way into the issue via Ambassador recommendations — and we’d love to hear who you think should be featured in future issues.

Come join us as we navigate the sea of under appreciated musicians, and help shine a light on your favorite independent bands. If you’re interested in contributing music for consideration in up-coming issues of Back of the Rack, and want to give your opinions on songs contributed by other OurVinyl Ambassadors, send an email to Dean at Dean.Goranites@ourvinyl.com for more information.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor