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Neon Lion’s “Black Sunshine”

Song Of The Day

Coming right out of México City back in 2010, Neon Lion explore the power-trio formula to its fullest on their new EP Revolt. The sound created by Xavier Hunter, Pierre Wolfgang and Rod Splendor goes back and forth between the soft and hard sides of the rock and roll spectrum.

The first song on their EP, like some of the best lyrics ever written, talks about a woman called Black Sunshine and her effects on men. Wrapped in a catchy chorus and mellow structures along with a great guitar work, the studio version makes no justice to the way the band plays live: but it sure gives you a good hint.

This is their first video, but plans for a second one and recording new music are currently on the table. If you find yourselves visiting México City, take a look around: Neon Lion play live on a frequent basis and that’s a rock and roll show worth watching.

If anyone wants to give Revolt the listening it deserves, here’s their Soundcloud link

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer