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Neon Indian: “A Gap Between”

Song Of The Day

We wanted to try a little experiment at This week’s Song of the Days will be focused on helping you explore a new genre. To kick off the idea we decided to first explore the relatively new genre of Chillwave.

What’s Chillwave? Well we can say this week you will find heavy use of vocal effects, synthesizers, and samples. The style truly is a music that can cause you to drift into a new world. You will also find the music this week will boarder on 80’s music.

To start it off we bring you Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl.” If you like what you hear be sure to come back and check out some of the other tracks we feature this week. If you would like us to explore a genre be sure to leave a comment or reach out via Twitter or Facebook.

Happy listening,

Mike Reuther

Neon Indian – Polish Girl by artsandcraftsmx