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Neko Case’s “Night Still Comes”

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After waiting 4 long years, we finally have new music from the woman with the velvet throat, Neko Case. Listen to this beautiful and laid-back new tune “Night Still Comes” from her forthcoming album, ‘The Worse Things Get The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight The More I Love You,’ right here:

Neko Case has a fascinating career trajectory. Starting in more punk-tinged groups like Maow and the upbeat Indie Rock of The New Pornographers, her own albums have become increasingly less country and far more personal and open. Previous songs like “Furnace Room Lullaby” are haunting and obtuse, yet arresting just the same. These days, the lyrical content seems more likely written about herself and her own experiences and feelings concerning the world than simply being a storyteller. This is the second song we’ve heard from the album, the first being the much more upbeat “Man.” This song finds Neko in more familiar territory, with beautiful backing vocals that make it feel more like an Appalachian sing-along than pop song. If the quality of this song is any indication, then the upcoming album will stand tall amongst an already impressive and quality back catalogue.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer