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natalie prass good faith

Natalie Prass: “Good Faith”

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Artist: Natalie Prass natalie prass good faith
Song: “Good Faith”
Album: Demos

Natalie Prass brings the one-two punch that many artists seek — talented musicianship and a knockout voice. While she knows how to use it for her country based tracks — most likely a product of her lengthy stay in Nashville, Tennessee — it’s her indie-folk side that could turn the Grinch’s heart into sunbeams and butterflies.

Check out “Good Faith” below, then peek outside your window and see if the sun hasn’t come out from behind the clouds. Natalie has shows planned in Iowa, Kansas, and Georgia this July, and tracks off of her newest album can be found on her website, here.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor

Good Faith by NataliePrass