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My Bloody Valentine “When You Sleep”

Song Of The Day

Artist: My Bloody Valentine
Album: Loveless
Song: When You Sleep

An Irish 80’s rock band, My Bloody Valentine created music that was well before their time, their 1991 album Loveless, is a record that many indie-pop lovers could only ever hope to create, Using pitch blending and digital reverb in their music, they became involved in “Shoegazing,” a music subgenre of alternative rock, not often heard in today’s pop music. My Bloody Valentine mix a sublime combination of melodic vocals with a wall of grunge-rock instrumentals. Their music is timeless and could easily fit in with the dream-pop bands of today.

The track “When You Sleep” fits any mood, whether it is the backing track to your lazy Sunday afternoon or your first choice to boogie to. The eerie vocals and use of distortion give it an interesting, but easy to listen to sound and the song could be described as complete eardrum heaven. “When you Sleep” is a hit which will always fit well into any indie-rock playlist and is probably one of the best, if a little underrated, songs to come out of the 1990’s.

My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep by bernardo-carvalho

Written by:
Rhiannon Drew | OurVinyl Contributor