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Mutemath’s LP ‘Odd Soul’

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Mutemath underwent a change of scenery before Odd Soul was recorded, parting ways with their guitarist Greg; it created a new opportunity for the guys to go about business in a different way, so how would they make this new album? They decided it would be revitalizing to take a completely different direction in the creative process than their previous album: Armistice from 2009. Mutemath put themselves on lockdown in a house located in New Orleans, they wanted to be left alone. “The idea of complete isolation was the only thing that appealed to us.” They didn’t want any of the usual crowd around them, no distractions, no other opinions as to how things were coming along; they didn’t want producers, cameras, publicists etc… just Paul, Roy and Darren, and maybe the walls. These three guys would share the new found guitar duties; they did not come out until they had something they thought was great. And it is! Thankfully, it only took about 6 months. They hope that we have all forgiven them for this leave of absence now that the album is released. Check out the results! I seriously doubt anyone is complaining!

Hey all you adrenalin junkies! This album’s self-motivated gamut of influence shaping themes seems to be  an unconventional array of sounds, electric, eccentric, garage, punk, rock and it is a little bit rockabilly in nature. For instance the song “blood pressure” reminds me of The Jett Blackk Heart Attack’s song “Needle to the groove” which has a characteristically classic late 70’s early 80’s rock sound. The entire album has a post-rock feel with a clear vision in fast forward motion!

“Heads up”, catch this song! This high speed, fast paced heart pumping punk rock sound is intoxicating. One bets it was a good time when they were recording this. This author would have loved to have been a fly on the wall witnessing this. One can picture their house in New Orleans behind prison wires, fly traps and guard dogs with windows vibrating, bricks falling from the chimney and birds scattering from the nearby trees as this song was being practiced. Remember they were in LOCKDOWN while they made this album. (No flies allowed.)

“One More” is the title of this next song I want to describe to you. It has a French indie film feel to it, very sexy, and interesting. With spurts of 70’s electric guitar, organ and quick marching band beats, this is definitely a liberating and empowering song! Mutemath has successfully created an album using their own creative spirit and talents to guide them through to the finish product which is one heck of an album. Odd Soul is an adrenalin junkies dream come true for sure. If this is what happens when you seclude you self from the world for six months at a time? WOW! See ya!

Written by Kayt Westerlund

Genre:  garage, pop , punk rock, electronic

Members Paul Meany – Vocals/Keys Roy Mitchell-Cardenas – Bass / Guitar Darren King – Drums