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MSNRA’s “Trails”

Song Of The Day

Gainesville Fla is reppin’ hard out there in the music world right now. Bands forged from the art collective known colloquially as the Church of Holy Colors are finding acclaim nationally for their scrappy work ethic and diverse musical spectrum. Electro-folk, Hip Hop, Noise, Prog-Pop, all born of artistic solidarity and nurtured among the humid oaks of the small college town.

Hip Hop group MSNRA (, @MSNRAband) is currently touring the east coast and is set to release an EP on Monday July 22. Blending duetting MCs and fat bass lines over backing vocals the juxtapose 70’s soul and operatic classicism, they hit hard and smooth. Check the Medusa Production they recorded in February entitled “Trails”, and give the EP a listen when it’s available.

Case Newsom
OurVinyl Senior Writer