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Moving Mountains’ LP ‘Waves’


As music writers, some of us blessed in that every few days an email arrives in our inbox or CD in the mail of new nuggets never heard before. It isn’t for money or fame that we do this. Don’t get me wrong, this writer would love to write the next feature for Rolling Stone Magazine. However, the reason my name is attached to reviews every week is for the sheer passion of music and the pure joy of finding a new band that never would have been heard if not for this.

The band Moving Mountains is a perfect example of this. Chances are, I would have gone through my life having never heard of the band or this album. As broad as any music lover’s taste is, they cannot cover everything. In this case, it is just dumb luck that I got to do this review and am very thankful.

These four boys from Westchester, NY have put together one heck of an album in Waves. Just about every track is better than anything you will hear on the local hard/new rock station. Dubbed post-rock, they have created a tasty dish with a recipe with one part face-peeling rage, two parts melody and hook and a dash of ambient strings.

Moving Mountains consists of Gregory Dunn (vocals, guitar), Frank Graniero (vocals, guitar), Mitchell Lee (bass) & Nicholas Pizzolato (drums). This is their second full length release, the first on Triple Crown Records. They blend styles and transition from one to the other seamlessly, whether it is a tune like “Tired Tiger” that plays like a harder-edged Coldplay or the opening track “My Life is Like a Chase Dream (And I’m Still Having Chase Dreams)” with layers of chaotic guitars wrapped around the pulsing drum work of Pizzolato.

Dunn goes from vulnerable and yearning to frenetic anger in the blink of an eye and his vocals are without a doubt, a strength of what this band does. He and his bandmates take you on a roller coaster in this album as they use strong musicianship to build layer after layer in each song. “Where Two Bodies Lie” shows that well with the power hungry guitar riffs and strong lyrics, mixed with strings and maybe even a church bell or two.

“Once Rendering” is one of those songs that just sticks with you. Dunn is at his most vulnerable here, as he is willing to “trade my soul for another chance to see it through.”  One of the strongest tracks is “The Cascade” which features a vocal cameo from Moneen’s Kenny Bridges. This song captures those spatial harmonies that made fans fall in love with the band when hearing their first album Pneuma. The final track “Full Circle” offers just that. Raw energy, strong musicianship with more textures than the ear can pick up in one sitting and heart-wrenching lyrics.

Moving Mountains is touring this summer in the Vans Warped Tour. Go check them out and find this album. You won’t regret it.

Written by Victor Alfieri

Moving Mountains – Once Rendering by MovMou