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mouse on mars

Mouse on Mars’ “Chartnok”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Mouse on Mars
Song: Chartnok
Album: varcharz

The electronic duo Mouse on Mars had been making tunes for nearly 20 years. Hailing from Germany, the two have created soundscapes that range from the most accessible, horizontal riffs to some of the more innovative and experimental tunes. Such is the track featured today in “Chartnok”. From the first notes, the listener is given a cacophonous outlay that sets an abrasive tone for the what the song will be. But this is misleading, as out of nowhere, a serene sequence is brought in, melding together all the dissonance into a rhythmic progression, only then to be interrupted again by that poisoning synth. You will then find yourself in a trance of breakbeats and drum and bass licks. But it is not over. Less than two minutes in, the song breaks down then starts up totally fresh and manicured. This trend continues, as the duo bounce seamlessly between melody, bliss, and the abstract, with moments of pure beauty inlayed with a complex riff that just fits. OurVinyl encourages you to explore more of this special group.