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Mount Kimbie’s “Before I Move Off”

Song Of The Day

Song: Before I Move Off

Artist: Mount Kimbie

Album: EP Crooks and Lovers

Hailing from Great Britain, Mount Kimbie is an electronic duo comprised of Kai Compos and Dom Maker.  They represent some of the forefront producers who perform under the genre ‘post dubstep’ which some claim they actually created themselves.  As heard through their debut EP, ‘Crooks and Lovers’, one can easily understand why these young dudes out of the eastern hemisphere are creating a buzz that is noteworthy for revolutionizing a genre that continues to build a budding community throughout the United States. In a ‘post dubstep’ world, one cannot predict the usual womps and wobbles that are normally attributed to the heavy bass style of traditional dubstep.  Instead, post-dubstep is slowed down just a bit and ventures into more ambient and trickling elements.  Imagine a sound-scape where glitches sound smooth and deep bass acts as an undertone for a swirling visage of ambiance rather than acting as the prominent lead as a traditional dubstep tune may have it.

In the featured track on this song of the day,  Mount Kimbie is able to use eerily seductive chords progressions, a serious of clicks and estranged claps and snaps, as well as a catchy vocal sample further manipulated to a perfect beat that you simply cannot find a reason not to groove with. So hear something new, learn something different, and be sure to catch Mount Kimbie as they are currently engaged in a US tour.

By Danny Goodman