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Motion City Soundtrack at Newport Music Hall


They formed in 1997 from the product of joining two local Minnesota bands.  In 1998, they played their first live show.  In the mid-2000’s, they released their first EP entitled Kids for America. In 2001, they received their first album review from  In 2007, they were announced as having one of the most anticipated albums of the year.  Now, in 2010, Motion City Soundtrack set out on a new, much needed, headlining tour starting in late March.  The lineup behind them included bands such as Sing It Loud, A Rocket To The Moon and Fun.

The concert took place at the Newport and when I arrived there were hardly any people there…and I arrived an hour or so late. I went into the pit to watch Sing It Loud and there was an abundance of empty space between me and the other people around me. This was the first time I had ever seen Sing It Loud but not the first time I’ve heard of them. While some members of the band didn’t radiate an excited aura, their bassist and lead guitarist really stepped it up and showed the crowd that they were there to have fun and do what they love. They were a pleasure to watch and I wish more people would have been there to experience it.

When A Rocket To The Moon took the stage, the crowd became slightly larger but there was still free room for me to sway around without hitting someone if I so pleased. I had seen A Rocket To The Moon in concert two times previous and loved every second of their sets. Tonight, though, there was something off. I don’t think they played with as much energy or enthusiasm as I was used to. The music was impeccable but they were not attention-grabbing and I feel as though they could have been more personable. Everyone has their bad days though, right?

I then left the pit after their performance and walked out to the main area as Fun. was setting up their equipment. When I walked back in they had started their first song and the crowd had now tripled in size. Lead singer Nate Ruess and guitarist Mike Schey were previously in The Format before they announced hiatus in February 2008. Many people were greatly anticipating their set and for good reason. I can honestly tell you after watching them play live they are one of my top favorite bands. They had such an energy and quirkiness to them that you couldn’t help but be completely enthralled into the music.

Finally, it was time for the headlining band to make their way to the stage. The crowd had nearly doubled from the size that it was for Fun. and the pit was packed so there was absolutely no elbow room. I opted to move to the railing beside the pit so I had a good view of the stage. Lead singer Justin Pierre came out followed by the rest of his band and you could tell by the look on his face that they were ready to give the audience the best show of their lives. Without any introductions they went straight into their first song. By the end of it the room was hot and steamy from the masses of people completely letting go to the music. At the end of the night I was sure of one thing. Motion City Soundtrack had the most flawless set list that I have ever heard. Some songs they played included L.G. Fuad, The Future Freaks Me Out, Pulp Fiction, Even If It Kills Me and for the encore, Everything Is Alright.

Since I was in middle school I had always wondered what going to a rock show would be like. In the fall of 2009 I started going to concerts and started experiencing for myself what I had been anticipating for so many years. I thought I had a good idea of what a successful show was but I was proven wrong. Motion City Soundtrack’s performance was something that I could have never anticipated or have prepared myself for.

All in all, the show was something that I never expected it would be. My expectations were blown through the roof as I stood and witnessed one of the most spectacular performances that I have ever seen. Even as time has passed, Motion City Soundtrack has been able to retain their talents and personality that has gotten them to where they are today.

Written by:
Becca White