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miriam bryant push play

Miriam Bryant’s “Push Play”

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Born in England and rased in Sweden, Miriam Bryant works with pure-pop hooks and EDM beats on her second single, “Push Play,” that would make the laziest of listeners perk up.

Miriam Bryant’s “Push Play”

You’d be smart not to categorize Bryant based on just one track, however, as the 21 year-old singer/songwriter has already climbed all sorts of musical terrain. Just listen to “Finders Keepers” for a taste of how radically Miriam is able to shift gears.

Miriam Bryant’s “Finders Keepers”

Bryant most bare-bones work – sometimes just featuring her voice and a piano — may be the most moving and emotionally satisfying, but that hardly detracts from the more exciting, uptempo pace of “Push Play.” Miriam’s strong voice, accompanied by a sustained drum roll before bursting into full-out dance groove, work to make the track hit a level of grandiose many other artists seek for years. For Bryant, it’s all part of a larger sound.

And the hype is just starting to build. Miriam Bryant was recently named “Sweden’s biggest breakthrough artist of 2013” by Swedish magazine Aftonbladet, and “Finders Keepers” the artist’s first single, landed on the German top 40 airplay charts. Hopefully there’s plenty more good news for this budding talent on the horizon.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor