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Ministry’s “Every Day Is Halloween”

Song Of The Day

Happy Halloween! We’ve been giving you some great spooky tracks all week in anticipation of today. It seemed only appropriate to feature a song today that actually had the holiday in its title. Ministry’s “Every Day Is Halloween” was an 80s New Wave smash hit when it was released. This was Ministry before they became the grinding, industrial machine of a band you know these days. This was back when they wanted to dance and were a little bit goth. Listen to the catchy synth lines, the drum pattern and the digitized voice providing the “boppy bop bop” line that will get stuck in your head for DAYS. This song is catchy in the best way and a gem of the time period.

A careful listen to the lyrics tell the story of a goth outcast who gets asked why he dresses up every day like it’s Halloween. Eventually he decides to embrace it, though he still laments in the chorus, “Why can’t I live my life for me? Why should I take the abuses?” We’ve all felt that way at one time or another when faced with intolerance. Fortunately our narrator’s problems are put over a dance beat so it’s hard not to tap your foot to this seasonal favorite. Dress up however you want today, pretend to be something you’re not, scare the crap out of someone and eat lots of candy. Enjoy this night when the barrier between spirit world and our own is only thinly¬†veiled!

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer