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MillionYoung’s Full Length Debut ‘Replicants’

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Mike Diaz of MillionYoung comes from a place that rarely see’s a gray cloud, and is overun by “snowbirds”, elderly people trying to escape their cold hometown during the winter. I guess that explains the very up beat, but subdued, tempo he pulls off in his first full length LP debut – that was released on the 11th of January.

The electronic funk man is hard to compare to other acts, so much so that he has even had trouble explaining what his music really is in a recent OurVinyl interview. One could say that the best word to describe his brand of electronic music is “ambient”, many other sources have branded the genre as “chill-wave”, but there are enough genres of music and we really don’t need to add anymore. You will find delay used in every song; the vocals and guitar always employ this effect, and sometimes it’s used in a stereo ping-pong delay manner – so it’s really cool to hear in stereo (try putting on some headphones). The guitar riffs are very 80’s esque and so are the beats for a lot of songs.

MillionYoung also implements a very modern sound to the music with songs like 001 that still has the retro sound synth and drums, but the guitar is much more post millenium era indie rock. The next song on the album, Forerunner is more of a soundscape instrumental, which there a few songs of this sort on this album – which is different than his other two EP’s that have no pure instrumentals at all.  The next song, Perfect Eyes lyrically reminds one a lot of The Stone Roses from the late 80s, and then he puts his signtature sound of bongos, electronic drums, synth to create a natural sound that only few electronic bands have been able to create.

‘Replicants’ is a terrific record, especially for a debut LP. One maybe would have liked the vocals to have been produced a little bit more clearer, it could have possibly been slightly a little more dry on the delay effect. Nonetheless, MillionYoung have found their signature sound in this record, the perfect blend of everything they have been creating for several years now.

‘Replicants’ and MillionYoung is recommend for those who enjoy Animal Collective, MGMT, Tobacco, Neon Indian, Caribou, and Yeasayer.

By Spencer Byrnes